Penetration and Security Testing

Are you protected from threats?

Security breaches are costly. A breach in your company’s security can cost an average of $3.5 million, according to a recent study by the Ponemon institute. This includes other things such as a loss of customer confidence, large fines and penalties, bad PR and a bad company organization. With new vulnerabilities being discovered everyday and attacks constantly evolving, it is getting tougher for organizations to defend their systems from potential security incidents. Organizations can invest in defensive security mechanisms but continued adoption to the constant change in security risks has proven to be very expensive. To minimize risk and prevent problems from occurring, organizations need to be one step ahead.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing evaluates an organization to measure its security when it comes to protecting its networks, applications and users from internal and external attacks. It identifies holes or cracks in an organization’s system that hackers can use to circumvent security controls or gain unauthorized access.  Once risks and vulnerabilities are identified, the company can enable effective remediation processes to protect itself. By anticipating emerging security risks with regular penetration testing, a company can more easily prevent unwanted access to its valuable information.   anticipate emerging security risks and prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and valuable information.
Penetration testing is effective if done regularly. Consistent testing can prepare a company from newly discovered vulnerabilities and emerging threats. Analysis and assessments should be regularly scheduled for existing systems and when there is a change in the system like the application of new security patches, modification of end user poilcies or when a new network application is added.Significant upgrades or a move in location usually also necessitates testing.

Why Test?

  • Penetration testing allows you to identify exploitable security threats and provides information so your IT team can intelligently prioritize critical vulnerabilities. This will help your company allocate its resources wisely in dealing with threats.
  • A security breach can cost your company millions of dollars and can lead to dissatisfied customers, lowered productivity and loss in revenue. The cost of remediation efforts, legal fees and IT fees when recovering from a threat can severely affect your company’s earnings. Preventing any breach before it happens is more cost effective than waiting for one to happen.
  • Penetration testing allows your company to be compliant during audits and saves your company from paying hefty fines and penalties.
  • A compromise in your company’s security will negatively affect your reputation and may cost you several of your customers. A secure system will help you keep your existing customers and keep you from losing potential clients. Customer acquisition costs after a publicized breach is proven to be higher. Avoid security incidents and put your customer’s minds at peace with your security.