The way products and brands are marketed has changed drastically in the past decade. ¬†Though the principles of marketing still apply today, the execution of marketing strategies, is very far from how it was originally done. We at Primzen understand the 4″C’s” of an effective social media strategy. We know how to keep pace with the ever evolving social media marketing landscape and how to help our clients navigate the media jungle to get their points across to their target demographic.


Sharing and using content is the glue of social media engagement. We work with our clients in providing their customers with meaningful insights and information that will encourage brand recall and retention. We help brands capitalize on what is popular and trending to engage their audience.


With Social Media, engagement is everything. That means more conversations and less promotions is what is best for your brand. We help you focus on what numbers to look at and which indicators to focus on for the best return for your investment.

Customers today are more impatient and expect your brand to respond to them in less that 48 hours. We can help your company monitor streams for your keywords and strategically reach out to your audience. We can also find influencers to engage with to promote your brand.


Successful marketing is all about getting raving fans. Finding people who will actively rally around your brand is every company’s dream. We can help you build a community around your brand or product through high value content, becoming a thought leader in your industry and making sure your company is reachable in all popular social media channels online.


Successful Social Media Marketing is about forging lasting connections with your consumers as well as influencers who will spread your message to other potential consumers. We will help you maximize your use of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and G+ to grow your base and imcrease your ROI.